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Friday, 4 December 2015

3 Ways Drop Ceilings Can Help Your Classroom

You and your students spend hours in the classroom. Ideally, it should be a comfortable, attractive space for learning and interacting. You work hard to keep the desks clean and organized, the mess on the floor to a minimum and the walls filled with educational displays and examples of student work. Have you looked up at the ceiling recently? It is a large portion of your classroom that literally hangs over everyone’s heads.

Is your classroom’s ceiling stained and dirty? Are there unsightly pipes running across the ceiling gathering dust and looking like out-of-place snakes? A drop ceiling can hide the old stains with fresh new tiles. A drop ceiling can also hide the pipes and any exposed ductwork without the expense of having them moved. The pipes will retain full functionality and still be accessible for any needed adjustments or repairs without having to damage the new ceiling. A drop ceiling is a cost-effective way to remodel your classroom’s ceiling.

Does your classroom have a high ceiling that echoes and amplifies all the normal classroom noises? Do you find yourself having to speak loudly even when your students are trying to be on their best behavior? Your classroom may have poor acoustics. Students need a quite classroom space that allows for normal conversations. Some students with special learning needs are especially distracted by sound. A loud classroom interferes with their ability to learn. Along with improving classroom esthetics, a drop ceiling with acoustical tiles can greatly improve sound. The proper tiles can dampen excess noise while still making it easier for students to hear you and each other. Imagine a classroom with such improved sound that you don’t go home hoarse every day. Think about the positive academic benefits a quieter classroom will have for all your students, not just the noise-sensitive ones. From in-class science units to required standardized tests, your students will be learning in a classroom with an ideal sound level.

Classrooms are more crowded than ever. Yours is over-capacity with students, learning materials and new technology. Used creatively, a drop ceiling can greatly expand your display area. Are you studying a particular culture? Hang relevant images and artifacts from the ceiling and add interactive visual interest to the unit. Is it time to study weather in science? Hang student-made examples of different clouds and other weather phenomenon overhead.

Classroom atmosphere is important for learning. If you teach in crowded one with an unsightly ceiling or with bad acoustics, visit this website to learn more about drop ceiling installation in San Diego.

Why Your Store Would Benefit From Installing New Cabinets

No matter how great your product is, the overall impression you make on your customers has a big impact on your sales. A visually appealing, orderly space attracts more potential buyers than one that’s dated or cluttered. There are several reasons to consider new cabinets for your store.


The way in which you organize your space can make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. A frustrated customer is a potential lost sale. New cabinets designed to your specifications can make a tremendous difference in buyers’ experience in your store, enabling them to quickly and easily locate what they need.


How you present your wares can make the difference between boring or inspiring, discouraging or motivating your customers. Displays that are too cluttered can be overwhelming, making it difficult for buyers to distinguish one item from another or determine which product is the best choice for them. At the same time, displays that are sparse, unattractive,or lacking an organizational scheme can diminish the customer’s perception of the value of the product. Stylish, strategically designed new cabinets and countertops can go a long way toward conveying your company’s brand, mission, and high standards.

To learn more about commercial countertops in San Diego, visit this website.

Print and Stow Away

Is your office a disordered pile of papers, handfuls of pens and flyaway printer projects? If you are ready to organize your workspace, today’s fresh designs include hideaway printer drawers and spacious filing cabinets. 

Maximize Your Entertainment Room’s Sound

Modern entertainment technology makes it possible for almost anyone to create a movie theater-like experience in the comfort of his or her own home. Flat screen, wall-mounted televisions are available in larger and larger sizes, and surround sound systems are affordable and relatively easy to set up. But are you getting the most out of your home entertainment experience?

Furniture Arrangement

When setting up your home entertainment center, consider furniture style and placement carefully. It can feel instinctive to move furniture to the perimeter of the room to maximize space, but in this case, sound is much more important. Placing furniture so that it doesn’t reflect or block the sound coming from speakers in front of and behind you helps to preserve a true surround sound effect. Chairs that are too tall can cause sound to “bounce” and distort. Keep your furniture away from walls and position it so that the sound from all speakers can travel through the room unhindered.


The best sound equipment can disappoint if your room has features that cause a great deal of “reverb” or sound distortion. To keep your entertainment space from sounding like an echo chamber, consider installing sound-absorbing panels in strategic locations to minimize the bouncing of sound waves. You want to feel like you’re in the middle of the action, and the right combination of sound control devices can help you to achieve the desired effect.

For more information about sound control panels in La Mesa, visit this website.

The Rug Market America Debuts Expanded Youth Designs at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Rug Market America announces the debut of the latest additions to the company’s Rug Market Kids brand of baby and youth rugs… read more

How to Divide Your Office Space From Your Meeting Space

Employees today spend far more time in meetings than they did just a decade ago. With meetings a central feature of the day-to-day operation of many businesses and space often at a premium, designing your meeting areas strategically can be critical.

Consider Your Needs

Different types of meetings work best in different kinds and sizes of spaces. If your sessions don’t require a great deal of privacy, simply altering color schemes or office furniture styles from one area to another can set your meeting space apart from individual work stations. Is your company’s “personality” formal, or informal? Are your meetings casual and impromptu, or highly strategic and proprietary? The answers to these questions will help to determine how you divide your space. If your needs are flexible, your space can be as well; moveable partitions can help to redefine areas of your office at a moment’s notice, transforming informal gathering spaces into private meeting rooms. Soundproofing can make even temporary meeting areas secure when necessary.

Setting a Tone

Spaces that are purely functional are rarely inviting; you want your employees to feel comfortable, yet motivated in the areas where they work. Movable partitions don’t have to create spaces that feel like glorified closets. Curved panels can soften a temporary meeting room, and the ability to pull partitions back to reopen the space means that you don’t have to commit to a sectioned floor plan and can accommodate larger gatherings when necessary.

To learn more about rolling shutters in La Mesa, visit this website.

Contemporary Counters for Everyday Chefs

Whether you are a novice home-cooking chefs to gourmet cooks, a slate, marble or stone countertop will provide the sleekness of modern design along with easy care and maintenance.